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This blonde British babe shows what a model site can be if done with a little imagination. Fun, cool, and pretty fucking explicit too. With amateur model Ruth's site it's like you've got this cool girlfriend in London. She's blonde, she's got striking blue eyes and, oh yeah... she's got a fantastic ass. She knows all the cool places to go, she's smart and hip, and she's got a laid back sense of humor. Best of all – even better than her ass – she's randy as hell. Up for anything. You'll leave London worn out.
Point is, on Ruth's site, you really get to know her. Or at least you get to know as much she wants you to. She gives you a view into her life through her regularly updated diary and she writes commentary for each new photo and video update. Besides her writing, you get the feeling that every photo set and every video has been hand picked and labored over. Even the design of the site seems like a reflection of Ruth's own sensibility. Like the name says, it's All Ruth, and it's true.
Ruth's site is mostly about photography, and it's good shit. Ruth says she uses a few different photographers, with most photos being shot by Simon of Simonscans (Ruth models and works behind the scenes for Simonscans too). As some of you might already know, Simon's a great photographer - AllRuth is another place to see his stuff.

Like most real human beings, Ruth's got different ways of expressing her sexual self. No impersonal, formulaic p0rn here. Maybe she'll model lingerie in one pictorial, maybe some pajamas in another. Some shoots are very professionally photographed, staged fantasy scenes, like one where she does some glamour lesbo action with a brunette in the back of a posh limo. Other shoots, while always very well photographed, feel more informal, like one where it looks like she's just woken up, wrapped in a robe, smoking a cigarette. You'll see her taking baths, taking showers, and then there's one set where she's artfully photographed in black and white, rolling around in dirt and twigs. A few outdoor exhibitionist scenes, my favorite being one where she poses as a mannequin in the window of a store named "Gash." Then there's a cool tanning bed video, and one photoset where she's jumping up and down on a bed – all in all, an entertaining variety of scenes and settings.

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All Ruth ~ Glamour models gone bad

Glamour models gone bad

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There is something to be said about classiness in p0rn. I know there are a ton of artsy sites out there, because I think I've reviewed a million of them! But artsy is just artsy, I'm talking classy. I mean, designed very well, crystal clear pictures, and most of all something you are not ashamed of looking at. Something that looks very nice and pure from the outside. I think it is a great thing to be classy sometimes. I mean, there are so many sites out there that are pure trash. You know what, I love them to death. But sometimes it can be a refreshing breath of air to see something that is more on the classy side, without being artsy and fruity. I think I have found that in the website All Ruth.

So I like this one a lot and I give it a hearty thumbs up. Very unique, very original, very creative. Keep in mind that this isn't a gutter dwelling, spuzz covered shlockfest of a p0rno site. You know what I mean. If that's what you require, this isn't your site. Ruth gets rude, really damn rude actually, but there's always sort of a more erotic than filthy edge to it. A great example of p0rn that gets quite nasty, while also having a positive, fun vibe. Celebrating human sexuality, rather than debasing it, or some such bullshit like that. And it's all beautifully photographed and filmed.
This is a very good site with a very classy presentation, nice design all around, and great quality throughout. Ruth is very beautiful, and very witty in her comments. All around a nice site to check out when you get that single model craving!

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