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About Pure Beauty Magazine : Our website is a celebration of the female body. Our goal is to explore and spread the appreciation of natural feminine beauty. We wish to achieve this by showing the true essence of a woman without modern surgeries or photo editing techniques. We feel that erotica is a natural part of life and an excellent remedy for the stress of today's fast-paced lifestyle. The Pure Beauty team consists of young and freethinking individuals, each focusing on their area of expertise, putting their utmost into creating a whole new kind of electronic magazine. We bring our members daily updates with new girls. Each photo shoot is a new angle, a new take, a new interpretation of women we so adore. Each day we want to break the sterile lackluster presentation that exists on most websites and explore the diverse and unexplored world of erotica. Behind every great man there has been a great woman. At times a muse, at others a guide, the essence of a woman has inspired artists across the globe. We wish to make this inspiration and the admiration for beautiful women more accessible to our members. We are interested in what moves the world, the people, our members and that is why we want our website to constantly evolve so it could become a daily companion, an alternative to our sometimes hectic life. Stasis and ignorance is our greatest enemy, and that is why we want to hear from our members. Unlike most erotic sites on the Internet, we do not believe in hiding behind pseudonyms. As our website grows, we want to take you behind the scenes of our photo shoots. We will bring you interviews and diaries from our master photographer Adolf Zika. And most of all, we want to take you on an ever-evolving journey that is Pure Beauty magazine.

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Pure Beauty Photo Magazine

Stylized photography examining our most beautiful girls from all angles.

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A butterfly sits on a dew glistened flower, and lays there gently. That is pure beauty to a lot of people. A perfect fart, one ripped loudly and smelling like the inside of a mens room, that is pure beauty to some people. An flaccid cock, swaying in the breeze like a sad little soldier that has lost his company, that is pure beauty to some people. You see, people see beauty in completely different ways. Today we get one take of pure beauty, and that is the pure beauty of women posing in the nude!

Pure Beauty Mag is another one of those sites with a big focus on the beauty of the picture and the action. Instead of filling up a site with pure hardcore, these people fill it up with pure beauty. Stuff like a girl, naked, just standing there posing for the camera. The scenery is more than just a bedroom, it is usually something exotic like with the background of mountains or a garden or something similar. That is the kind of stuff you get here, and with a nice focus on it. It is not for everyone, but this genre is growing and expanding so there is obviously some demand for it!

When you first sign onto Pure Beauty Mag, you are given a page which has a bunch of stuff on it. It has news (real news) near the top, with a big picture of the latest updated set next to it. Then it has some previous updates as well. They have daily updates so there is quite a bit of stuff. The rest of the page is pretty much the updates. On the top you have a topbar which allows you to navigate through the sites other features, which we will get into lately. Overall this is a busy site, maybe not the easiest in the world to navigate through but its also not the hardest. One of my biggest, well, its not even a complaint, but some that that irked me. On the side they are pumping up how great their content is. Hey, we already joined, we know! You don't need to continue patting your back, Barry Horowitz. As I said, it's not exactly the biggest complaint in the world, but sometimes little things get to you.

There is also a smaller video section here. Usually when sites like this have videos, they are surprisingly crappy. Not so here. These videos are beautiful, tastefully done, and very nice quality. You definately will not be disappointed. The one drawback is they are done in widescreen format, sort of like those DVDs you can get in widescreen. This makes more black bars than there really needs to be. It doesn't hinder too much, but it is also quite noticable.

Now a laid back on my look at the pictures and videos because of all the extras here. They are awesome, and include a section called Unforeseen Beauties, which is just local girls. There is a photo school to help you become a better photographer, as well as a history of photography. Theres all kinds of interviews and articles. There is a forum as well, along with wallpapers and e-cards. Just a bunch of extra stuff, all done tastefully to the very high standards of the site. Theres also some artistic nudes stuff. Awesome awesome awesome!

The girls on Pure Beauty Mag are among the best you will ever see. No lying here folks. They are just some great women with a lot of great attributes. These are the girls that are too beautiful for you to sleep with. The action here is pretty softcore, but there is lots of nudity and stuff. But it's mainly solo model stuff, with not a lot of hardcore aspects to the site. So if you are looking for that, look elsewhere, this site is for a special kind of p0rn fan.

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